15 Incredible tattoos used to cover ugly body marks

Scars are part of our lives, but at times they are too there to live with them forever and we find ourselves looking for solutions one of them being tattooing which help us feel better.

Of late a lot of progress has been made thanks to the art of tattoo. For instance breast cancers survivors, burnt persons with re-pigmentation, those with surgery scars or scars from accidents often call upon tattoo artists to try and fix those marks. However, the tattoos don’t make the scars disappear instead it’s a psychological way to accept it and to finds once body more beautiful.


Here are some of those inspiring and heartwarming tattoo cover scars:

This beautiful tattoo used to cover up the scar from a spinal cord reconstruction


This beautiful bird embellishes a scar from multiple surgeries.


There were multiple burns here but now we are left to admire the art of tattoo on this hand.