Amazing dad makes kids Star wars lunches that are crazily out of this world!!!

Beau Coffron earns the medal of being the best dad in the world for his kids as he packs them beautifully costumed star wars casts as part of their lunch. Bonding with kids while they are in school can be challenging and sometimes not possible where both parents work the conventional nine to five, and have very little or no time to bond.

This San Francisco dad spends at least 30 minutes to prepare the meals. He uses toothpicks, honey, some cream cheese, and tightly seals them to keep them intact as his kids’ lunch.


A routine that was started three years ago has been one of the proud things this dad did use to bond with her daughter while she was starting kindergarten. Three years on the creativity is very awesome and their bond is way much stronger.
Check these lunches out!!!