Celebrities who have already casted there vote to Hillary Clinton

1. Beyonce` and Jay Z

Clinton is certainly not starving from celebrity support from Clooney, Amy Schumer, also Ophra Winfrey endorsing her in a rather flattering manner that one does not have to like her to vote.

Currently, we have had the royal couple in a Hip-Hop Political Rally which in fact attracted a lot more support like the presence of Big Sean and Chance the rapper who implored the audience to vote for the Democratic president nominee.


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Beyonc`e‘s dancers seem to have clad according to the color theme of Democratic party and it’s after the song ‘formation’ she roared that she would want her daughter to grow seeing a woman female president rule.

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With this, Hillary hopes to gain more support from the young African-American voters. In the coming Ohio concert where Trump seems to be leading the polls The Democratic needs more such megastars as it could really work magic to her number of supporters.