Community Supports Upscale Afghan Restaurant After Vile Humans Asked The Owners If They Are Terrorist

Warren in New Jersey is an upscale neighbourhood with top class schools and professionals who work hard to live in that area. There is one Afghani family in the neighbourhood who also own a restaurant called Silk Road.

Community Supports Upscale Afghan Restaurant

Recently the owners were abused by a couple who blatantly asked them if they are terrorists.


Robert Gallucci who is a friend of the restaurant’s owner, Mustafa Sidiqee, wrote about the incident as he was disgusted when he heard what had happened. He wrote on his Facebook account:


I know this is an inflammatory topic, and I truly wish it weren’t. I’m not really looking to start conversations on bigotry and such…but I do think it’s important to put this out in the open that this behavior is happening in our own town. Not that we will ever publish it, but we have the whole incident on video.


My family has lived in Warren for 30 years…my brothers and I were born and raised here. I would never expect something like this to happen, and it’s truly a shame. However, I would like to say that the good far outweighs the bad. The love, DO and sense of community we feel here could never be uprooted, especially by strangers who don’t know us.


Thank you Warren, and our neighbors, friends and family, for always standing by us.

Community Supports Upscale Afghan Restaurant1


Luckily there are more nice people out there than this vile human couple. People expressed their support for the owners and the restaurant. And these were the Facebook comments:

Community Supports Upscale Afghan Restaurant2

At some point the young son asks the couple why they would make such a comment. They obviously did not want to respond and just left the restaurant.

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