Latest babies true emotions of their parents

Latest babies true emotions of their parents.

I believe when I was a toddler I would cry if my mom laid me down, giving to someone else or if somebody denied me what I wanted, you know the usual any child would become all emotion over. If you agree with, then these two toddlers will really surprise you as with what they get emotional for.


The gorgeous nine month baby just loses it when his dad burps.

Noah’s Anthony Emery’s son incredible sense of humor leaves him gasping for air whenever his old man belches.

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Anthony, 26 stays in Consett, County Durham with his wife Lauren, 28 he posted the clip of Noah hysterically chuckling whenever he burped, on facebook: “Having fun with Noah.” Viewers were amazed and loved the father and son bond and since then video has gone viral.

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I bet this will be more hilarious to Noah when he is all grown up and sees these pictures of him and his dad. How he just could not help himself!!

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Then there is Ella, who has some jealousy issues.

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This chubby cute baby seems upset and she wants all her parents’ attention to herself. Surprisingly its not that her parents have left tot Ella to go check on her sister or brother, instead they have done is kiss. But Ella seems not to like it!!

Any time the couple would lean to share a kiss in front of their daughter, Ella’s’ lips would curl showing how upset she was. She would then give a frown before breaking down.

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Her dad, Matt Hanneken decided to share the video on You Tube: “Our baby girl got really mad when mommy and daddy shared a kiss in front of her”