The Romance Story of the Fun Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Romance Story of the Fun Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Keningstone Palace has confirmed the relationship between The Prince Harry and the actress Meghan Markle through statement from the prince who wishes the media to stop harassing Markle. The two met at a charity event in Los Angeles and have been in touch since then like on September, Markle flew to Britain to be with him during his 32rd birthday.

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The Prospect Princess Marriage Life.

Racheal Meghan Markle, 35 is an American actress commonly known from the hit TV show Suits where she played the role as Racheal Zane. Markle was once married with Trevor Engleson , but the marriage ended after two and for reasons they did not spit in public.


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The prince defends his girlfriend.

The Duke of Cambridge stated how concerned he was about Markle’s life and that he feels bad that he hasn’t been able to protect her. He feels that the negative response from the public is too much for their young relationship and with the fact that it is about their lives with the actress and not as the commentators would assume: ‘it is the price she has to pay…part of the game.’

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The Keningston Palace Statement.

The Prince issued a statement and regardless of this being rare he hopes that with he can be able to stop the mess that the press has been created. He points how his girlfriend has been subjected to abuse from the public and the press- the smear of the front page national newspaper; the racial comments in social media. Also the struggles they have gone through to keep some of the stories to be on paper: nightly legal battles and her mother struggling to pass the photographers to get to Meghan’s house.

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What happened after marriage and before being the royal?

It is rumored that Markle was still dating the Canadian Chef when he met Prince Harry. She had been in a two year relationship with the celebrity chef, Cory Vitiello who refused to say whether Prince Harry was their reason to the breakup.

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