The BIG and Full Scandal of LIL Wayne’s Comments on the Black Lives Matter

Lil Wayne, the lollipop rapper seems to have lost track of who he is by his moot comments during an interview. Being a black star rapper, it was expected of him to give great support comments on the BLM movement instead he says he feels disconnected with it.

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The interview just shed light to how much Wayne felt about the popular campaign on black lives. “What is it? What…what do you mean?” the rapper asked. ” …….It’s not a name. It’s not, ‘whatever whatever‘. Its somebody got shot by a policeman for a f***d up reason”. He goes on to add of how he does not feel connected to ‘what has got nothing to do with him’; because of the ‘blessings’ he’s got as he has never experienced racism. He feels that he is a young, black and rich rapper whose life matters especially to his b****.


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Wayne latter apologizes claiming that the question about his daughter being referred to as a bitch or a whore had upset and from then he found no logic in the rest of the questions at the interview.

The scandal has attracted and upset a lot of people and from that we have seen Vic Mensa condemning Wayne’s comments calling them ‘Ignorant’ and’ selfish.’

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