These crazy Instagram yoga posts gone viral will definitely get you surprised while used as inspiration to people suffering with mental issues

With even thoughts of taking her own life, rape survivor Heidi Williams, most known for her breathtaking Instagram page of @heidiwilliams89, has taken the Instagram with a whole new vibe. If you are not a follower kindly follow. Suddenly, everybody is now following and taking about her.

Expressing her trauma and driving a positive energy to her life that had hit rock bottom by then, she turned to Yoga. Improving her mental state being one of the main goals she wanted to achieve, she did more than that to a point of being a role model to other people.


With Yoga, Heidi started changing her life for the better step by step. Now she is fully recovered and uses her life experiences to be a living testimony to others. She is now a Ptsd, depression, rape and anxiety coach in which she organizes classes and retreats for people with similar issues.

Let’s give a round of applause to Heidi as we take a look at these photos and quotes of her Instagram handle.


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